Back in 2011 I decided to convert our beloved Subaru Brumby ute from an ailing petrol hog to a brand new electric miser. This has been a long and complicated journey, with many ups and downs along the way.  The ute was back on the road in 2012 as a fully compliant electric vehicle, but the journey didn’t stop there!  Since then I’ve made plenty of improvements and upgrades, and possibly had the odd breakdown.

While working on the vehicle I’d occasionally post to the AEVA forum under the title “4Springs’ Brumby“.  The ‘312 easy steps’ in the title of this blog is a reference to the (roughly) 312 entries in the original forum thread.  My intention here is to go through those old posts, separate the wheat from the chaff and present new posts that will be useful for people considering an electric conversion now.  I’ll draw on my own experience and explore the current options in each area.  I’ll occasionally make ‘how to’ posts as well.

So join me on my journey to convert this rumbling 1990s dinosaur into a sleek modern eco machine with a retro twist.

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